Covid-19 Update #2: Social Distancing & What I’m Up To

I saw a tweet saying “This is when everyone finds out that they wouldn’t do all those home projects and hobbies even if they DID have the time” and I said BET.

  1. Baked Bread
  2. Tarot
  3. Emailed My Professor

For this week, my college shut down so everyone can get their ducks in a row at home and begin online classes next week. My workplace was shut down by the mayor’s office, so I have very little need to go anywhere.

  1. Ate Soup
  2. Cleaned
  3. Took a Bath
  4. Made a TikTok Account

Other than being aware that if I do anything or go anywhere I may be responsible for someone’s death for up to 2 weeks after touching a surface, and not having any way to know that I didn’t, I’ve been doing pretty good so far. I think I prepared myself mentally and resourcefully to ride this thing out.

  1. Made a TikTok Video
  2. Filed for Government Assistance
  3. Watched Press Conferences
  4. Went for a Walk

I’d rather be overly cautious than not cautious enough.

  1. Spent Time With My Partner
  2. Washed and Folded Laundry
  3. Daytime Candle Lit Bath

It’s so remarkably strange to not have to go anywhere and do anything or see anyone. It’s terrifying as well, to not know what is going to happen and how this will affect my life.

  1. Made More TikToks
  2. Had Breakfast In the Bath
  3. Hydroponic Gardening
  4. Went for a Drive
  5. Cleaned My Kitchen Counters
  6. Messed Up Yeast Starter 2x
  7. Made A Decorative Bread
  8. Made a Bread Squishing TikTok Video

Anyone who is out there working right now, whether a medical professional, essential employee, or have a job that wasn’t shut down – I feel for you.

  1. Exercised
  2. Facetimed with My Sister
  3. Played with My Cat
  4. Started a Painting

There are a lot of tough financial and moral decisions being made that shouldn’t be made by people acting in a company’s best interest. I wish things were different. I am going to vote for things to be different.

  1. Spent Time Outside
  2. Read 50 Pages of a Book
  3. Napped With My Cat

Until then, I’m trying to keep myself happy. Sometimes that means I’m being productive. Sometimes that means I’m drinking 5 glasses of wine and baking bread in my underwear. It is what it is and I’m trying to make the best of it.

30. Wrote a Blog Post

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