I don’t want to write a blog post

But I’m going to do it, because it’s easier to do it a second time if I’ve done it once before.

There are many reasons, I’m sure you can guess based on current world events and my previous blog posts, that I don’t want to write a blog post. The world appears to be in shambles, I’ve been feeling more anxious and less like sharing what I’m feeling, and I’d rather not do anything right now that seems like it will take a large amount of energy with very little reward. Reward right now can mean gratification, mood boost, or material desires.

Blogging doesn’t give me instant satisfaction. I know the benefits of writing consistently in the long term. I can tell when I haven’t written anything in awhile my writing gets worse. I start second guessing myself on spelling, grammar, even word usage.

I have no shortage of ideas. I have 3 months worth of weekly baking and cooking photos with their own stories to share. But the process of sorting out my thoughts, restructuring content, downloading and then uploading pictures, figuring out what it is that I’m trying to say, if I have anything worth saying at all — all of that feels like too much.

And that’s against the premise of this blog, isn’t it? I started this blog to have one place where I can share content without worrying about perfection, engagement rates, or promoting it. But even the low-stress blogging I’ve promised feels entirely too much.

My hope is that by confronting it today, I can find it easier to come back tomorrow.

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